Me as a Tiger Lily (Old Style)

A picture of an old Tiger Lily

Tiger Lilies are a creature created by Pokemusic/Pokemusic (Wiki). They are a starter given to you by Proffesor Guinsin.


Tiger Lilies are a cat-like creature, with roots for paws and a root-like tail. The petals on it's head help with it's Elemental, Stat, and Physical moves.


Tiger Lilies are carnivores, afraid that eating plants will consider it a "Cannibal", even if they like plants and hate meat. These timid creatures are easy to befriend, and level up quickly. They like the sun and rain equally, sun helping them most.


Tiger Lilies were more lion-looking, the petals originaly being a "mane". The paws weren't roots, just normal paws. This is the same as the tail.